I am GrateFul.

For the screaming baby on the plane,

Because it means that I can hear.

I believe we can help solve the world's happiness problem - collectively, through the energetic power of gratitude, love and contribution. This transcends us into a higher energy where everyone contributes to create a state of self-love and

appreciation for all of humanity.

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Ricky Mendez

Global Thought Leaders &


Dave Meltzer

Top 100 business Coach | 3x International

Best Selling Author

John Assaraf

Founder and CEO of Neurogym | Top mindset and behavioral experts in the world

Tom Bilyeu

Billionaire founder of Quest Nutrition and

Impact Theory

Karolina Protsenko

12 Year Old Entrepreneur | Violinist

Heather Monahan

Founder of Boss In Heels

Best-Selling Author & Keynote Speaker

Brightynn Hatter

9 year-old Inspirational Thought Leader

My Intention

...is to create a different dialogue. One that empowers us and shifts our vision to a perspective that allows us to see the limitless greatness and abundance we're surrounded by every single day.

Energy Conversion

I believe the greatest skill we can develop is converting energy from negative to positive. Gratitude can change perspective; change the perspective, change the event. This extends into neurochemistry, biochemistry and yes, the quantum world and energy we can’t even begin to comprehend. Like any other skill it's - practice, practice, practice and we get better. What is pissing you off? Now, what is the seed of equivalent benefit to that?


Consistency. The universe will not always reward scale, but it will reward consistency. We can contribute to the world every single day. Start with buying a stranger a cup of coffee or let someone in front of you in line. Or just simply smile at someone with a genuine smile. buy a stranger something today. Scale is irrelevant

Rise Above

...The two biggest dream killers; negativity and procrastination. It can be argued that the greatest virus the world has ever seen is negativity - it has killed more people and dreams than any other virus. Use this template to get grateful which can inspire and empower you to take consistent action. Can you imagine your life if you were consistently positive and took consistent action towards your goals and dreams?

Simplistic Beauty

Did you feel your pulse today? If you're reading this, that means you have one. There are people who had goals and dreams yesterday and didn't make it to today. I believe the best way we can honor them is to live an empowered life We're walking, talking miracles. If we have a pulse we have a chance. A chance at greatness.

Thank You

Power words. David Meltzer told me to simply say thank you when I wake up and before I go to bed. Thank you Dave, thank you, John, thank you, Tom, thank you to my mom, dad, and sister, Ceci, and thank you to my countless mentors and those that have given me a chance, and believed in me. My gratitude is endless and exponential

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